First blog post

My first blog. I’m going to give you abit of insite to what actually happened to me and my husband. We met at 15 but stayed friends until we were 20. We started dating and it was a dream come true (we had wanted to be together since the day we met) 9 months after our first official date, he had a horrific accident on a motorbike, he was on an island, I had to take a plane ride to get to him, he was in intensive care for a month, then flown home. He was intensive care over here and got worse, he lost his leg upto his hip, and I was told to say goodbye to him. 6 years on, I care for him daily, he’s my inspiration, my now husband, and we have a beautiful little boy. Although everyone says I’m lucky, I know I am, however it still hurts, we as a family struggle everyday, we just put on a brave front for everyone else! ❤️


3 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Bless you hun. Thank you for sharing your story. We’re all human, with emotions. You’re finding a way through that works for you all. I’ve tried to imagine how the accident affected you both at such a young age but I know I can’t even come close. It’s a great testament to your love for each other that you’re now a family. Please don’t feel as though you have to struggle on alone and be brave for everyone else. Those who truly care for you will think no less of you if you talk to them when you need a little help coping with it all. Sending you virtual hugs – you sound like such a beautiful person.

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    1. Wow Letisha that’s so lovely of you to say all of that. It makes my time writing feel worthy, it means a lot that someone is reading and understanding what I am trying to put across. Thank you so much for your support 😘😘

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