Getting up in a morning. 

Some people think it’s lazy to lay in bed, unsociable to be on your phone. Most of my blogging/social media is done in a morning whilst laying in bed. My little boys asleep and my husband has gone to work. I dread stepping out of bed, I know as soon as I do, I won’t sit down (unless driving) until around 10pm (every working Mother’s Day) these past few weeks I’ve been eating meals stood in the kitchen next to the laptop, my little boy and dog running around me, phone calls every hour, trying to do my full time job at home while also concentrating on this site and social media. It’s hard work.  I have to find time in all this to go to the doctors for my husbands prescription, order him new crutches, bath his stump every now and then to stop infection. Our sheets need washing every other day as my husbands stump leeks on the sheets. It’s never ending. When I do finally get some time to myself I reflect on our life and feel lucky but sad, loved but alone, I know it will be worth it, I’m not giving up. 


7 thoughts on “Getting up in a morning. 

    1. Aww thank you Letisha, that means a lot, I’m still new to it so not sure if I write the correct things..but then realise it’s supposed to be my thoughts so I’m just writing honestly 😁 x


      1. Absolutely! I’m new too (a couple of weeks in) and for a split second as I hit the “publish” or “update” button on a post, I wonder how it will be received. Like you, though, I’ve getting used to the freedom of writing what I want in whatever mood I’m feeling at the time. All the best with everything you do hun 🙂


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