Reflection of my life 

Sometimes I wonder, will people like me, do people care about what I’m writing, will I get a number of negative comments and want to close the site? I have always found it hard to accept compliments or hate it when people say I’ve done good in life. I need to believe in myself more! I’m 27years old, in my life I have the best friends and family ever, I have 2 business, a beautiful home, car, I have the best husband ever, disabled or not I fell in love with him for who he is, I’ve been his full time carer/nurse, I’ve learnt a lot about nursing while spending 4 months by my husbands bedside, Now I’m blogging and trying to help others. Obviously my biggest achievement has to be the fact I’m a mummy to a gorgeous, funny little character, but reflecting back on my life so far, I’m proud of what I have achieved, I’m glad I never said ‘I might do it one day’  so what if know one wants to read my blogs, visit my website or gives a negative comment, surely all that matters is that I can live my life always saying ‘I tried’ ❤️


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