Tired and teared ❤️

I live my life at 100mph always doing something, I like to life with routine so I know where I am,04:50 this morning, my little boy woke up, ready for the day ahead, no matter how many stories, dvds I tempted him with (we’ve all done it to get that extra hour) he wouldn’t stop crying until I let him play! My day has ended up in me being moody, snappy and not concentrating, my little boy however has been great! (He has had a 2 hour nap). I have just sat down and I could just burst into tears. I’m tired but the thought of going to bed isn’t helping for some reason. Some people say we get to a point where we are overtired? Don’t you think it’s crazy how a couple of hours less sleep in one night can mess your whole day up and make you feel less human? ❤️

One thought on “Tired and teared ❤️

  1. Cry if you need to. Don’t hold back the tears if you feel the need to release. Sometimes you cry for so long and so hard that you can’t remember what started you crying in the first place but by the time you’re done, things seem a bit better. Sometimes the sheer effort of holding our emotions in all the time is the reason why you need to cry. Take good care of yourself.


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