The mummy side of life. 

Everyone whose a mummy will understand the daily struggles, the rushing around, the paddy your children make if you get the wrong food out for them, or the wrong cup, the NEVER going to the bathroom alone again until there about 7! Single mums, mums with partners who work away, I respect you, doing all this by yourself, it’s hard!! It’s tiring, mentally draining and sometimes it’s comes at a price of not socialising too. Being a wife of an amputee, who can’t have a prosthetic, it’s hard, most days I feel like a mother of 3! My dog, little boy and my husband! I know it’s not really his fault, but some days, once Ive done the daily chores, sorted the never ending washing, sorted childcare out for my little boy while I go to work, come home to more chores including cooking tea, I do 99.9% nappy changes as my husband struggles to get back up of the floor, I do all the cooking, cleaning, washing, run the baths (yes for my husband too) and walked the dog, i feel like I live a single parent lifestyle I just have  someone to snuggle with at night. It’s so hard, but what makes it worth while? The smiles I see on their faces (even the dog sometimes) when they do play together, or when we’re spending family time on a Sunday, the days my little boy started saying ‘mummy’ and just last night! ….when my husband got into bed and said ‘I’m proud of what you do’ that’s all I need to keep me going 😘 single mums, mums with husbands or partners that do share the chores, mums with partners who work away, I salute you all, it’s hard work but we do it! Stay strong! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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