Summer days 

We all love the summer, the days where the sun is beaming down, the heat makes us feel like we are on holiday, the tea in the garden just because we can! The places we walk to because it’s sunny and the car doesn’t need to go out in this heat. The way everyone else is happy because the suns out and you find everyone will talk to you. 

(Unless your at work all day that is) Those days where we can’t wait to get home after a day that seems longer than normal, that day where there aren’t enough windows in the office, you don’t even have the energy to go get another drink to cool you down, you can’t be bothered to ring those customers who you know are prob going to be sat outside in the sunshine saying how lovely it is and that famous saying ‘we can’t complain’ or ‘enjoy it while it lasts’ knowing as soon as you get home you think about having tea in the garden, maybe go for a stole, when really you walk through the door collapse on the sofa or bed after stripping off and fan yourself complaining it’s far to warm to work! Hoping you can make it through the rest of the week and enjoy the weekend off (where it will prob rain at some point) Wishing for the weather to cool down (just in time for us to complain it’s too cold and wish for those lovely summer days) British weather and true British people complaining about the weather no matter what……we will always ‘enjoy’ these summer days ☀️ 

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