Loosing weight 

As a lot of my readers know, I am currently doing the slimming world programme. I have been doing it 6 weeks and lost 1 stone in total! I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved in a short space of time, sometimes being a mummy to a little boy who’s needy, a wife of an amputee that needs my attention, and a business owner, it’s been so easy to put myself and my needs to the back and concentrate on everything else. Joining slimming world has been pretty easy and ment I can still do my usual daily routines, still look after the people and things I need to but also be a healthy living family and actually enjoy cooking, I always seem to be ‘snacking’ but when you make healthy choices it can mean you can do this while looking after yourself. Don’t get me wrong! There will be weeks where I can’t be bothered and sometimes no matter how hard you try sometimes life in general can take over and will mean I can’t pick the right things, but 90% of the time my eating habits have changed for the better and I’m so looking forward to my next award (1 and a half stone) you can see my meals etc on my Instagram posts @sw_wife_of_an_amputee_2017  

😘 xx

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