I’ve had it drilled into me since about 8 years old. If you don’t work you done get nice things. As I approached working age my dad helped me get a job and I became an apprentice working towards my NVQ in administration with a commercial repair garage. I always wanted to own my own business either in transport or a garage of my own. After years of been in employment   I started my transport/courier business and it took off really quick, I was working day and night and it sometimes meant just nipping home for an hours sleep and back on the road! After a year I realised I needed to be home more, so I took over my dad’s commercial garage and I’ve owned that for 5 and a half years. 

Due to my husbands amputation, he’s struggled to keep a job that doesn’t irrate his stump, he’s a trained HGV mechanic (that’s how we met, he was my dad’s apprentice) he’s been a truck driver too, but that made his stump so sore, he came onboard with our family business last year, he loves been back in the workshop and he loves that people ask HIM for help again rather than walk straight past him because he only has one leg ‘he can’t know what he’s doing’ he’s more upbeat about going to work, I love seeing his eyes light up when he talks about work. 

The downside is that we are a small family business and if we don’t do work when it’s there, we don’t get paid. Simple. 

Work is so busy at the moment though, that our quality time as husband and wife is grabbing a quick bite to eat in the office while talking about work, with my dad too. He’s been working so many hours 5-9 at night some nights and in the past month he’s had 2 days off 😦 

While I work around my mums shifts so she can look after our little boy, I spend a lot of time working from home. It can be a struggle. 

As everything in our life we want our children to grow up like we did and value money, have respect, work hard and know your doing it for the end result! To provide for your family. 

So when people wonder why they don’t see much of us sometimes, the chance when we DO get a Sunday together we like to spend it just the 3 of us and the dog and make everlasting memories 😘❤️ 

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