Praise the NHS

A lot of people slate the NHS and say they don’t do things right, I know sometimes mistakes happen and when it comes to someone’s life I guess mistakes can’t happen!! But all I can say is from My/our experience.

I for one think they are amazing!!!

When my husband had his accident the nurses and surgeons, not only made my husband comfortable, but also made sure we (his family) were ok with what was happening, we were comfortable while sleeping in the waiting room, providing us with pillows and blankets. They made sure we knew we could ask them anything and they would be honest.

When I was in the intensive care room with him on my own every nurse that was in with him also ALWAYS talked to me like a friend! Held my hand when I cried, however they also respected my space when I was talking to him or just wanted to sit with him in peace, sometimes I was in the room and forgot they were even stood behind me! They made me feel so at ease with it all.

The one night (the second time we had been told he might not make it through the night) he was going into theatre and the surgeon came in and explained that there was a 20% chance that he would make this operation, so they told all of us (there were 8 of us in total) to all go into his room and say our goodbyes. They were all sympathetic but also knew when my husband health overrode our needs.

Each nurse got to know him and us and when we went back to hospital a few months after he came out. They were all lovely and so pleased to see him.

Like I said this is purely my opinion, I know some people have bad experiences and that’s their opinion, but for me, I don’t think we praise the NHS enough! 💗

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