Ups and downs of Our family business

As many of you know, we have a family business and it’s a small family business, my dad started it 13 years ago along side his other business and I took it over 6 years ago. My husband joined us 2 years ago to give me more time to spend with our little boy. It’s been working well and also meant my dad isn’t doing most of the work alone. The industry we are in means we are busy on a weekend.

The good sides of owning your own business is that, when needed, you can take time out to nip to a school play, you can go in late if you have to sort something at home in the morning, you can have an early dart if your going out (most the time) you can……who am I kidding?!?! There’s not many at all!!!! In fact it’s so hard, I sometimes wonder if I will be better off signing on the dole?!

You can go off early or come in late, as long as a customer is not waiting for you, or you have things that need to be sent out first thing, or parcels arriving. You have to make sure someone is there at all times during opening hours so we have to work together.

We have to take any customer who turns up, as we need the money to pay the bills!! We have to make sure that we don’t book too much work in if we do take a day off!! Never mind a week!! But you have to make sure you get enough work in to make sure you can still pay the bills!!

You have to continuously keep on top of the customers work, if you don’t they may blame you for something going wrong and maybe not call again! You have to work everyday that something needs doing (7 days a week, 12 hour days) you have to work all the hours to make sure a customer goes away satisfied then you have to spend a couple of weeks (after the 30day payment period) begging for that customer that’s just driven in with a new flash car to pay for the work you did over a month ago so you can feed your family! (Or in some cases , beg for the thousands of pounds, to be told the company has gone into liquidation so you get nothing.)

Sometimes i sit and think why?! Why did I choose this life?! Then I look at my boy and I know why!!! It might not all be roses and millions now…..(it will never be millions) but one day it will be worth it and I will never regret the choices we’ve made!! Or the time we’ve spent!! I just hope it will be worth it later on in life!!! 💙💖

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