Don’t judge me by what you ‘see’….

Most people get excited about a week or two away from work, away from any stress, away from any awkward clients/customers, turn their emails onto out of office, and get ready for some downtime! However As we’re a small family business, when me and my hubby go away, my dad’s left on his own to do all the work, except the office work, the accounts and paperwork is all down to me. The emails are all sorted by me, the missing invoices customers ask for before making a payment, all down to me. With one less body in the workshop too it means not as much work can be done.

As a small business with stupid outgoings before we even think about taking a small wage., we have to factor in any holidays we want to take, and make sure we have back up funds so our wages and bills still get paid while we are away. (Sometimes we don’t get a wage at all)

While away (wherever that may be) I always receive phone calls or texts or emails off customers, with queries, or asking for copy invoices, or asking if they can book a vehicle in. It’s never a relaxing holiday. However!! It is for us!!

Our holidays consist of usually doing 1/2 the work just in a different place.

I will always remember going on honeymoon to Mexico, we were onto our 3rd day, and at 3 in the morning I was woken by a phone call by a customer asking if he could make a payment next week as he couldn’t afford it this week.

A couple of days later I was answering emails so the customer Didn’t think I was ignoring them.

It’s non stop, although an email can take minutes to answer, it’s still their and your still involved and you never feel like you’ve had a break!

The only week o have had away from everything and just ignored everything was when I gave birth, on the second week though I was back to answering emails and sending invoices etc before been back in the office 2 weeks after giving birth.

Some people look at my house and see I’m home a lot with my little boy and drive a nice car, they think it’s easy, it’s simple, it’s a life they want……I always grew up wanting this life……but sometimes I’m not so sure it’s worth it!

What everyone doesn’t see, are the 11pm nights still doing invoicing or scanning, the weekends going on a family day out while answering emails in the car, the planning that has to be put in place months before we go away for a weekend! The mornings where I would get in from driving all day at 1am and then the phone would ring to ‘nip’ to Ireland at 5am…..the nights I missed out on with my friends because I was working late or had to be up early in the morning. The special days (Easter Sunday for one) where me and my boy get up to have a family day to find out daddy’s had to go to work.

Don’t always believe what you see!!.

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