SAHM starting a business.

I already have a business in the motor trade, but since my husband has to give up his work because he is always getting infections, he came to work with me and my dad and took a massive pay cut.

This means we can’t afford child care. I could go on benefits and get it paid but that’s not my style!!!

I have to spend 80% of the week at home with my boy, until the days my mum can have him so I can go to work.

I work for the business from home but since my husband does the labour work with my dad my work load has been cut.

Some might say that I’m lucky…I know I am…but I’ve worked full time since 16 and I even studied at university for 2 years whilst working full time. I always have to keep busy.

If looking after the family business and a child and dog, oh and my amputee husband, I have also just started a new online clothing company! I’m currently getting all the stock sorted and sorting all the items for our model to do the shoot for the website. It’s exciting, but scary.

We have put so much time and so much money into something we might not even see a return from!

In life you have to take risks and starting a business is a huge risk. You have to work 24/7 especially at the start, sleepless nights, stress, worry, all the emotions going, will it be worth it?….I don’t know….but it’s always been a dream for a number of years to have my own clothes shop, so this is a start. It might be the finish too if it does not work but I’m going to try.

One things for sure. I will not be turning my back on our other business, that’s been going over 15 years, I have to learn to balance them both and make them both my priority. I’m doing it all to try and give my child a fantastic future.

My mum and dad have strived all their life to work and built up what they have. I get it from them, I’m hoping that if all fails, my boy will know we worked as hard as we could and took risks…..but most of all….we tried!!

Fingers crossed xxx

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