My background

I have set up this site for a few reasons. As a mummy, business owner and wife of an amputee, I don’t get much time to reflect on the days that just fly past me. I will always remember the things I’ve been through, the heartache aswel as the joyful moments. When I was at my lowest and couldn’t see a future, my dreams were crushed and I did not think there was a way out, I had know-one who had been in a similar situation, I couldn’t find help on the Internet or social media, I was alone and depressed. I want to try help others in similar lifestyles/situations, to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, your not alone and most importantly DO NOT GIVE UP! An amputees life is hard, some people forget how much it affects their partners and families too! 

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs. You can follow me on instagram for pictures @sw_wife_of_an_amputee_2017 to see the daily struggles I go through as a wife of an amputee as well as the happiest moments of my life.  I’m also on Facebook: search wifeofanamputee or follow me on twitter: @wifeofanamputee 😘


Wife of an amputee