Reflection of my life 

Sometimes I wonder, will people like me, do people care about what I’m writing, will I get a number of negative comments and want to close the site? I have always found it hard to accept compliments or hate it when people say I’ve done good in life. I need to believe in myself more! I’m 27years old, in my life I have the best friends and family ever, I have 2 business, a beautiful home, car, I have the best husband ever, disabled or not I fell in love with him for who he is, I’ve been his full time carer/nurse, I’ve learnt a lot about nursing while spending 4 months by my husbands bedside, Now I’m blogging and trying to help others. Obviously my biggest achievement has to be the fact I’m a mummy to a gorgeous, funny little character, but reflecting back on my life so far, I’m proud of what I have achieved, I’m glad I never said ‘I might do it one day’  so what if know one wants to read my blogs, visit my website or gives a negative comment, surely all that matters is that I can live my life always saying ‘I tried’ ❤️

Getting up in a morning. 

Some people think it’s lazy to lay in bed, unsociable to be on your phone. Most of my blogging/social media is done in a morning whilst laying in bed. My little boys asleep and my husband has gone to work. I dread stepping out of bed, I know as soon as I do, I won’t sit down (unless driving) until around 10pm (every working Mother’s Day) these past few weeks I’ve been eating meals stood in the kitchen next to the laptop, my little boy and dog running around me, phone calls every hour, trying to do my full time job at home while also concentrating on this site and social media. It’s hard work.  I have to find time in all this to go to the doctors for my husbands prescription, order him new crutches, bath his stump every now and then to stop infection. Our sheets need washing every other day as my husbands stump leeks on the sheets. It’s never ending. When I do finally get some time to myself I reflect on our life and feel lucky but sad, loved but alone, I know it will be worth it, I’m not giving up. 

First blog post

My first blog. I’m going to give you abit of insite to what actually happened to me and my husband. We met at 15 but stayed friends until we were 20. We started dating and it was a dream come true (we had wanted to be together since the day we met) 9 months after our first official date, he had a horrific accident on a motorbike, he was on an island, I had to take a plane ride to get to him, he was in intensive care for a month, then flown home. He was intensive care over here and got worse, he lost his leg upto his hip, and I was told to say goodbye to him. 6 years on, I care for him daily, he’s my inspiration, my now husband, and we have a beautiful little boy. Although everyone says I’m lucky, I know I am, however it still hurts, we as a family struggle everyday, we just put on a brave front for everyone else! ❤️